The Homework Assignment...created for the artist who couldn't get on stage but came back week after week after week. I knew in my heart they had something to say but didn't know how to say it.

You can turn in your homework and it will be read anonymously, or you can turn in your homework and we will acknowledge you, or you can get on stage and read your poem; But, not doing your homework is not an option.


The spiritual awakening to free me, I honestly believe to be me... here is where I spill my heart. Complete one of the following thoughts and have fun...

What should I bring to my appointment?

Positive Energy! But also any bridal accessories and shoes you may already have. Undergarments like a strapless bra or shapewear are also recommended. When you book your appointment, we ask that you provide a link to your Pinterest board. You can also text us at (770) 970-0012 pictures of dress styles you are interested in trying on.

Who should I bring to my appointment?

Bridal appointments go smoothest if you limit the number of guests that come along with you. Grab (no more) than four of your nearest and dearest. In this case, less is more!

May I take pictures during my appointment?

Yes, we encourage pictures! Don’t forget to use #LaineLondon if you choose to share!

What dress sizes are available at Laine London?

We carry sizes 0 to 28.

How often do you get new dresses?

Laine London works hard to curate a selection of beautiful gowns for the bride who wants to see all of her options, make her own choice and doesn't want to be put in a box based on her budget, dress size or style. We work with designers from all over the world year-round to find the best dresses for Laine London brides. We also work with several domestic designers who typically release new collections twice a year: April and October.

Can I customize my wedding dress? Ex. Add sleeves?

Most of the time, customizations are available. Your stylist will be able to provide an estimate of how much any customizations may cost.


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