(c) Breeze Vincinz

I wonder if the end of days would be the end of ways and if it would would that be such a bad thing In a world full of boys who's wars facilitate their toys and their moods determine who gets angel’s wings It’s race that I abhor and gender even more when it comes to religious hierarchy The gospels weren’t written by all men and they weren’t all European was it really a son born or a story told by a fear of sorority This ambivalence that you speak has been the marrow for the weak succumbing to the bliss of political brutality Testosterone is not a salve to close the feminine valve the womb not a breeding ground for your sovereignty We’ve ignored her in doctrine we've ignored her in parchment it’s a hunger and our cowardice feeds this ambivalence Even as we sit today we come up with excuses for rape men and women all need to become feminists #nationalpoetrymonth "Life As A Boy: Poems" by Breeze Vincinz Available NOW on Amazon