(c) Breeze Vincinz

No apology for what I want No contrition for my need But many for what I haven’t got And I’m sorry that my knees Haven’t yet fell in front of you And that your zipper is still zipped And that you’re with someone who hates you And that nigger’s on your dick Not sorry I’m no magician Can’t make you see what you ask Maybe you should be a contortionist Double up and kiss your own ass Because it needs some attention Someone to spend time with it Because you’re with someone who hits you And you’re on that nigger’s dick Can’t say I’m sorry that you fight been three years yesterday And I know that you’re tired of it Don’t know why you don’t run away I’m sorry you said no When I asked to leave with me Even admitted that you felt the same But a prisoner to your own needs And I’m sorry I left without you Can’t feel pain with you behind Cause the pain you’ve have for three years Is pain you seem to need all the time And while you get those bruises on your back There’s still one thing that I don’t get You’re totally in love with someone who hurts you And you still let that nigger on your dick *** *** *** #nationalpoetrymonth "Life As A Boy: Poems" by Breeze Vincinz Available NOW on Amazon