Half Dollar

(c) Breeze Vincinz

If I am what you can't comprehend and

If you're afraid of what you don't understand

How am I supposed to respect you as a man

When you think I want to fuck you not be your fan

Or brother or any other pedestrian relationship

That can be between men caught in this shit

I mean, do you think either one of us would be spared a bullet

Or a noose

Or whipping

Or master's daughter licking

If given the opportunity

These thoughts sometimes influence a spiritually based vertigo

If all sinners and minorities go to hell where do you think we'll go

If AIDS kills fags dead then how about skirts for those with misplaced machismo

I've had to explain sometimes and sometimes it's been with tears

That the blood running through me is red and has been for years

That the blood running through me is read by those with the same fears

When the whipping boys start to scab over best believe the vengeance won't be mere

Or loose

Or lacking

Or missing the memory of the attacks

If given the opportunity

For myself and for my father I have tried to be the best man, the best son

And you call me a bitch sissy ass faggot as if those battles were won

As if the rage of a bitch sissy ass faggot would never equate to pulling a gun

As if the rage of a bitch sissy ass faggot would never pull the trigger

As if no one would find pride in being faggot like you find being a nigger

And I believe no one should say "nigger" if they have never been called one

Or die to get rich because master nowadays is a blunt, a dollar and/or a gun

I'm not impressed with niggers bragging about running after being shot

Nigger run for Governor and show me how much juice you got

Or sense

Or backing

Just something more than you're mackin

Because you've got the opportunity

When it goes through you're heart, inconsequential who's in your bed

"It" being a bullet or a feeling like a love that needs to be fed

When it's over, when it's time, someday we're all going to be dead

Don't need a paper for solidity, we're together, we're already wed

So let the babies have their bottles, let the church rule the feds

As if a law could contain love or the church contain a bed

The problem is you see me and all you see is me giving head

As if I didn't grow up in the projects as if government cheese I wasn't fed

As if on top of being a nigger in society I got to be a faggot for you too

I wonder about your reaction if the extra caseload were given to you

like bitch

or faggot

Or something just as lagging

If given the opportunity

*** *** ***

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