His Heart

(c) Tuesday Conner

His heart, with all his emotions are inside his fist

No matter how hard one may try... His fist won't unclench

Nothing creeps out; Can't nothing seep in

How do you love a man like this?

No matter how much faith and trust I have in him

Support his every whim; Support what he does for his kids

His heart and emotions... Inside his fist stay clenched

No matter how much I give. Why do I love this man?

His heart smiles. Trying not to see me. Ignoring me. Walking past...

In his eyes... I still see The joy We shared

No matter how much support and faith I have in him...

Believe he can succeed In his dreams

I want him more than anything To be free

From strife, worries and the cares of life

Help him Innerstand Unconditional Love &

My heart bleeds Inside his clenched hand