Just Call me Doe

(c) Breeze Vincinz

I wonder why I’m not you And why you do the things you do Everybody knows you’re nobody’s fool But nobody knows what we want to do When it rains so hard I look in the sky I hear the past of my future dancing by Then I wonder about you and I And if we’re living in the right time My life is unanimous, just call me Doe I’ll think of you in my words You’ve made my pen sharper than the sword I’ll write it down for you I think about the color Magenta What a name for a crayon Out of the 64 names for colored wax They gave the name magenta to the best one I think about my brother Martin Ironic name for such, my brother Luther King Jr. is spinning in his grave We should give the name to another I think about myself Just call me Doe Anything I don’t know about me You don’t need to know *** *** *** #nationalpoetrymonth "Life As A Boy: Poems" by Breeze Vincinz Available NOW on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Life-As-Boy-Breeze-Vincinz/dp/1693306018