Pet Rock

(c) Breeze Vincinz

I was ashamed when I was called emotional Ambivalence is the black man’s pet rock Sold to us by an America who prefers their kings to be Silent when angry or Unintelligible when loud or In the very least misunderstood Because misunderstanding has become a currency all its own And it’s bought more than one zealot’s red state home I know that chamomile grows in my heart And I’ve invited many people over for tea But I know all too well the power of a billboard for beer and pussy for cigarettes and contentment for trying to get rich or die trying because there’s nothing else to live for Like celebrating wining the battle but forgetting about the war There was time it was in vogue to be racially progressive To make sure the next generation was well stocked But somewhere down the line we just bought the illusion That nothing exists outside of a dollar bill carpeted world Or a hollow, big breasted girl as if all girls with big breasts are hollow Or a noxious state of oblivion as if all oblivion can be found in veins that are narrow as if the rose colored glasses that have so desperately been approved, sanctioned and sold by the kings of the majority would be the latest fashion in this fascist state But I don’t like wearing those things And without them I can see all the kings And they’re naked And I’ve never seen anything so small in my life But that is what has been penetrating my sociology and it is has put time and space between my country and me and it frowns upon my homosexuality and it’s too deep in the woods to see the trees So they never see the words carved in them So I write it on my arms with a Sharpie To convince and remind myself That God is love And love is God And though all that’s been done, cannot be undone It can be acknowledged as part of the story not rewritten like no one cares Would rather have scar tissue on my arm that to amputate it and put a plastic one there So I’ll keep my scars and wear them as my shield Though they may be seen as my fashion I know the price I’ve paid for my accoutrements It wasn’t cheap Though my clothes are My armor of discounted shoes, and opulent soul *** *** *** #nationalpoetrymonth "Life As A Boy: Poems" by Breeze Vincinz Available NOW on Amazon