Red Drums: Liberation

(c) Breeze Vincinz

In the red glow

of your hurt rage

Take all their hate

Your sky their cage

Their games not fair

Playing field not level

You win, no points

Their God, your Devil

They lie to you

Say piss is rain

Then they fuck you

to ease the pain

Not a victim song

when you sing the truth

Live outside the gaze

tethered to the womb

Respect to the women

stopped bleeding for life

Fists in the air

All mothers and wives

All brown colored people

Girls who kiss girls

Boys who kiss boys

Men who love the world

Remember your heart

Remember your hands

Don't ever forget

What makes a man

Don't ever forget

your humanity

Don't ever forget

your dignity

Don't ever forget

who was before you

God had a mother

And he loved her too

So in the red glow

of your hurt rage

with all the hate

inside your name

Your skin, the eath

Your blood, the sea

Your tears, the rain

Your arms, the trees

Your heart the sun

Your soul its glow

Their devil their own

Don't study it no mo'

*** *** ***


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