(c) Breeze Vincinz

I feel unprotected

And maybe I deserve it

But I want to be loved

And I hate being lonely

What do I have to do

To be reprieved from this life

With so many things stuck to it

Like moss on the bottom of a boat

This color

This race

This weight

This face

My political affiliations

My sexual orientation

There are rooms and rooms

And rooms

All inside of one big building

And in the middle is me

And to get to me you have to

Go through these rooms and rooms

And rooms

My height

My tax bracket

My hairstyle

My refrigerator magnets

These rooms and rooms

To get to


Who I am

And I am just sitting there

By myself

Pissed off

And alone

And I am so far inside

The angels don’t bother to knock on my door anymore

And sometimes I forget

Who’s exactly in here

*** *** ***


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