Shag Carpeting

(c) Breeze Vincinz

My heart is lined with

shag carpeting

that is so hard to clean

and so many people have

slept there

and watched TV

because it was so comfortable

Like I did

Over my Aunt Evelyn’s house

when I was a kid

and she had cable

and Kool-Aid

and air-conditioning

and shag carpeting

that I used to squeeze

in between my toes

and watch cartoons

when her stories went off

And it was so hard to clean

so she got rid of it

Too many toes I imagine

Like my heart

Too many toes

Too many foes

Saying the right things

Taking advantage

of my cable

and my Kool-Aid

and my air conditioning

and my shag carpeting

that lines my heart

What vacuum

would ever suffice

*** *** ***


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