(c) Breeze Vincinz

You ask me my thoughts on being gay

I say everybody is a little after a little Tanqueray

You say it ain’t no fun unless the homies get some

But if you dump that chick the homies are still gonna cum

It seems to me that she was only peripheral

You don’t need pussy; you need your boys to get you sexual

What get’s you off ain’t running a train, it’s the caboose

It ain’t the deer that gets you off; it’s the moose

It ain’t Janet that you’re obsessed with it's Michael

You only love CDs because you never knew vinyl

You don’t want to believe me or anything I say

But I think everybody’s a little gay after a little Tanqueray

I think if you love pussy you would always want it around

So why are your boys on you like wavelengths on sound

Now lesbians know what they want, and they not afraid to let it be known

They got women in their heart, their bed, and their cell phones

You got a gangsta lean spending your weekends with all these dudes

Not a female in sight, and if they were, you wouldn’t know what to do

Then you trip on me because I happen to be gay

When I know, all it would take is a shot of Tanqueray

I saw you in a porno once, fifteen brothas around this white girl

A whole other story is the backstory of her world

Out of the fifteen, only three decided to touch her

And out of three, only one decided to fuck her

But you, oh you had on some fly ass gear

Gator shoes, pimp hat, and diamond rings in each ear

With a woman spread like butter waiting for the jelly

And there you were cowering like the rest with silk on your belly

But you supposed to be hard, you supposed to be gangsta

You supposed to be tapping it; you supposed to be in her

And I’m pretty sure that you had drinks that day

And I’m pretty sure she wanted to get laid

And I’m pretty sure you would declare you wouldn’t gay

But I say everybody is a little after a little Tanqueray

*** *** ***

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