The Walking Dead

(c) Breeze Vincinz

He speaks the life not fantastic

Blames no one but himself

Pity him, the dead statistic

Love him now before he goes to hell

He wants to marry me wants a husband

How can you love the walking dead

How can I always keep and hold him

When all his love is only said

My family and mother simply adore

the guy who never had the most cake

The son for her that I have bore

The arm that I want to amputate

It doesn’t matter if I love him

The situation is the same

He keeps hitting me harder and harder

Because he has no one to blame

Has the perfect excuse for his frivolity

He has no viral immunity

He sees himself to be the walking dead

“I want you to love me” is what he says

I’m to the point where I want to leave

I’m only in it to please his last days

I help him bathe, do his IV

But what kind of joy can I find if I stay

I think I love you, almost certain I do

But been thinking of my story much later

Shudder to think of lifeless you

But been wondering if it would be better

I can’t just dump him like normal people do

He sticks to me like gum on a shoe

And if I scrape him off he’ll split open his head

And claims he deserves it because he’s the walking dead

*** *** ***

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