There is No Love In A House of Blues

(c) Breeze Vincinz

Bobby was such a liar And Pam grinned like a fever And I didn’t know what to do Multiculturalism made a fool of me And there was no love in a House of Blues Lauren was a coward And Taundewei was a sister David sometimes dyed his hair blue No one could see I was trying to find me And there was no love in a House of Blues Little white lie mints cooled your breath Sweetened what you said, what you did what you wore, what you let go who you fired, who you hired, who you did What would Erykah think if she knew you disrespected mama’s gun? What would Macy think if she knew you disrespected her id and… What would Cyndi think if she know you didn’t want to have fun? What would Chuck D think if he knew that place was run by bigots? Bobby was such a racist even though he was a Buddhist And Lauren had absolutey no clue of her Aryan #WhiteGirlMagic that helped drain the love from the House of Blues Did West Hollywood even care? Did it know about the racism there? Did it know it hated gays too? I guess someone figured it out after awhile In west Hollywood, there is no more House of Blues

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