U R Me, I Am U

(c) Breeze Vincinz

I am the dirt under foot I am the air N the sky I am N the heat N the bonfire I am U, U R I The world it keeps turning As time passes by I made the turning world I am U, U R I The animals they hear me They R closer 2 me Man 2 smart 2 know Man 2 blind 2 C Me running N the river Me running N the sea U will never catch up I am U, U R me C what I’ve done C how I play C the night I’ve drawn C my smile N the day C my footprints N the clouds Fingerprints N each wave Breath N each breeze Can’t deny me no way No man alone No woman solitude U boy don’t doubt U R me, I am U And when the working day is done When the war is through When there is no one around B me and I’ll B U *** *** *** #nationalpoetrymonth "Life As A Boy: Poems" by Breeze Vincinz Available NOW on Amazon https://www.amazon.com/Life-As-Boy-Breeze-Vincinz/dp/1693306018