(c) Breeze Vincinz

If I were to spread myself like honey with butter

I still don’t think it would inspire your hunger

Blame is not on the softness or the sweetness

And there isn’t an obligation for you to swallow

I want so much for you to maybe hold my hand

Maybe appreciate my stillness when there’s too much wind

There are certain truths I want to tell you

Maybe get under the surface, get to the marrow

And he says, “I’m a porcupine and you’re a fool to want to get stuck.”

And I say, “Show me an unbruised man and I’ll show you one foolish fuck.”

I notice that I do push myself on you

like a cartoon band-aid on a gunshot wound

like an answer to a hypothetical question

like a Krispy Kreme to a diabetic

Like an evil obese man waiting to be devoured

divinely in the eye of a needle in his final hour

I always thought love and delusion were identical

You think the marrow is that they’re diametric

Taken out of context there could be poetry in this dissention

Enchanted by the grapes when it’s the vine that needs the attention

And he says, “I am tethered to my past that’s why I can’t budge.”

And I say, “You should know by now that love is what love does.”

Give me something sweet, like tea or cream

Something soft on my lips that reminds me of dreams

I remember when we used to look at the sky at night

And those constellations would give us the most beautiful light

And how I miss

looking at the stars with you

How I miss being underneath

those stars

with you

If you were to spread yourself like the red or orange

on a rainy morning whose fiery sunrise has that much courage

I would wet myself with all your hues

And beg to retain the colors of you

*** *** ***


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